Uncontested Divorce: When Is A Divorce Uncontested?

Filing for an uncontested divorce can save time and money when both members of a couple agree to divorce. Streamlined court procedures and minimal document generation allow for couples seeking divorce to maximize their time and money when uncontested is an option. Determining whether a couple can pursue uncontested divorce depends on the couple being informed and in agreement to big divorce issues, such as child custody and support arrangements, property distribution and spousal support.

Eligibility For Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces can be granted by the court if the other spouse does not file a contested response or if the other party agrees with the divorce documents. If the other spouse does not agree and makes the necessary court filings, an uncontested divorce cannot be granted, and the divorce would be considered contested.

Benefits Of Uncontested Divorce

One major, primary benefit of uncontested divorce is the savings in divorce costs. Attorney representation is advisable in any divorce procedure, but a streamlined uncontested divorce will significantly reduce attorney’s fees.

Uncontested divorce also has fewer proceedings and lower cost than a contested divorce.

Uncontested divorce also by nature reduces opportunity for conflict between the divorcing parties. With fewer demands for information going back and forth, and fewer proceedings to resolve disputed elements of the divorce, conflict between the soon-to-be exes can be minimized.

Our uncontested divorce rates start at $850 plus filing fee. Call us to schedule your consult so that together we can determine if an uncontested divorce is best for you.

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